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Private Shanghai Gay Tours


Private Shanghai Gay Night Tour , 4-6 hours

local | tourist | Bars | ​Saunas | Massage

Tour Description:

Book your 4-6hours private tour and discover the gay night life of Shanghai. This city is famous for its vibrant nightlife and in particular, Visiting the most famous gay bars and clubs and Saunas. If you feel tired with a hard day, nice massage place is waiting for you. In this tour, We're sure you will have a great time.



  • Excellent value for money
  • Get inside tips from a local
  • Soak up the atmosphere on a walking tour

Once your guide meets you at your hotel, you will start this 4-6 hours tour where you will head to the most popular Saunas & Massage Places.


Avoid the inconveniences of not knowing where to go when you are new to a city or getting lost in the streets asking for directions. With this tour, the fun is guaranteed - make the most of your visit to Shanghai!


When the tour ends, your guide will give you recommendations to end the night; you will be able to choose between going to the newest and hottest clubs or the ones that have been there for a long time and have become a must-see in the night-life scheme of the city.

Private Shanghai Gay Bike Tour


Private Shanghai Gay Night Tour

Private Shanghai Gay Bike Tour , 4 hours

local | tourist | Backstreet | ​Architecture | Traditions

Tour Description:


HISTORY, ARCHITECTURE, TRADITIONS, FOOD, RELIGION, Discover Shanghai's multi-faces in just one bicycle ride. Get actively immersed into a local culture, fun & off the beaten path multi them with our bike tour. Discover Best Shanghai With Bicycle.


The bike tours take about 3 to 5 hours and we get off the bike and walk around regularly. Through narrow hidden lanes, you will get to discover hidden villas in the peaceful Former French Concession before going deep into the still very lively Old Town. Get acquainted with the local lives happening around you, finding your inner peace.



In just half a day on our vintage bikes, you won’t be sure about anything about Shanghai anymore.

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