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Suzhou Gardens & Water Village

1-day Suzhou excursion tour program, 10hours

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Tour Description:

Only 100 km west of Shanghai , Suzhou is one of the must-see destinations in China. Our tour will guide you through the world renowned sights of the 2500 years old city, its history and life.


Our guide and chauffeur will welcome you at the hall of your hotel. We recommend to start the tour at 8:30 - 9:00 from your hotel.


In the south-west side of the city walls built along the main canal of city we fine the first stop-over of the tour: the Pan Men - Ancient Gate. The Pan Gate was built 2500 years ago and it was the only entrance to the city. The Gate is perfectly immersed into the natural landscape and the canals, so that it is also called the Water and Land Gate.

The rest of the morning will be then devoted to the UNESCO World Heritage classic gardens of Suzhou.

Depending on the season, there will be two different options available: from September to May you will be able to visit the famous Lingering Garden, with its unique covered walks, ancient stones forests and breath-taking scenic views.

From June to August you will visit the Humble Administrator's Garden. The Garden was named after his owner, Wang Xiancheng, an Imperial Envoy of the Ming Dinasty (16th century), who had a mediocre political career and sought peace building one of the finest gardens of the entire Empire. The Garden is built around a large pond that offers an amazing view on a lotus garden during the summer season.

After having visited one of such amazing gardens it will be time for a well deserved lunch at a local restaurant in Suzhou. After lunch it you will take a break at the Suzhou Museum, house of ancient Chinese art-pieces, paintings, calligraphy and handmade crafts. Alternatively the museum can be replaced with a visit to the Suzhou number 1 silk factory.


The last stop-over of our tour will be the water village of Tongli, featuring a private boat tour throughout the many canals of the village.

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