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Hangzhou Essence & Tea Plantation

1-day Hangzhou excursion tour program, 11hours

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Tour Description:

Your day starts from the lobby of your hotel, where you'll meet up with our guide and go to the Hongqiao high speed train station. In less than 1 hour you'll find yourself in the beautiful Hangzhou.


On site you will meet our local driver who will take you to the first site of the tour, the magnificent Linying Temple and the Peak Flown From Afar. One of the many legends on this site states that an Indian monk, noticing how different is the peak from the rest of the valley, named the it "flown from afar" believing that it's flown from India to the current place. The series of Buddhas carved around the peak works as a chain to prevent it to fly again.

Hangzhou is renowned for its Dragon Well Tea (Longjing Cha), a roasted green tea coming from the valleys surrounding the city. You will visit one of the many tea plantation in the area and you'll be able to take some time to gaze at the breath taking view of the tea valley. Lunch will follow in the tea village next to the plantation.

After lunch you will head for the main highlight of the tour, the West Lake, an UNESCO World Heritage site, perfect fusion between human and nature and that has inspired poets, philosophers, architects and garden makers due to its beauty. During the visit you'll be able to see the beautiful Flower Harbour, a garden approachable through the Su Causeway, one of the three causeways running through the lake. There you'll take a boat for a relaxing sail in the calm waters of the lake and visit the island at the centre of the lake and its park.


Back to the city, our guide will walk you through the last well preserved part of Hangzhou, Qinghefang Old Street, where you'll admire some of the very old and traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Pharmacies.

At the end of the tour you'll take the bullet train back to Shanghai.





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