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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why should I use Shanghai Gay Tour Guide ?

Unlike package tour operators, Shanghai Gay Tour Guide offers a personal service just for you. It is designed to make your visit to Shanghai easy, enjoyable and hassle free, allowing you to explore and operate effectively.

Our services include:

  • Off the Beaten Path (day trip)
  • Chinese Culture Event (2-4 hours)
  • Shanghai Walking Tour (2-4 hours)

We can design personal itineraries to include trips in and around 'the real’ Shanghai, helping you to avoid the tourist traps and busy standard tours. We even plan and organize your trip prior to your arrival, so your Shanghai experience starts the moment you land.

Q How do you create a customized tour for me/my group?

Shanghai Gay Tour Guide takes various factors into consideration when planning custom tours for clients. Your length of stay, areas of interest, group size, and times available are all important in deciding what type of experience would be best suited to your schedule. We will create a custom schedule and verify it with the client before any monetary transactions take place.

Q What is the price of the service?

The price of the service varies according to the tours you take (Day tours or Night tours or Tailor made) and how many days you hire us for. Normally if you take the ′′per day modality′′ it will be cheaper than the ′′per tour modality′′ and we will be able to provide you with a better service since we will get to know you every day a little more.

Q How can I hire the service?

Please email us on info@shanghaigaytourguide.com or call on us cell phone : +8613761592015 if you are already in China.

Q How long in advance should I book?

Given the circumstances with the internet accessing Shanghai, We highly recommend booking as soon as you can once you have decided to come to Shanghai!

Q What if my straight friend wanted to join us?

He/she will be more than welcome!

Q How do we move in the city and around Shanghai?

In Shanghai most sights we can always take the local taxis. or rent car and domestic flights within China, all depending on the sort of China tour you want to have.

Q Can you make hotel reservations and airplane tickets for me?

Yes, we can get good price with most of 5 stars hotel with inner price.

Q I would like to visit other places of China but I find it hard to arrange transportation and accommodations?

You can drop us a note!

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